When I knew I would be coming to the US, I was curious about how design would be different from what I had experienced so far in Spain. Others are curious too and, when I posted a question sticker asking for ideas of things to write about on my Instagram stories, a couple of people enquired about this.

Well, I am sorry to report I do not have much insight into these differences, but I can share what my biggest personal challenge has been: language.

Accurate language for clearly communicating ideas, structured language for thought building, sticky language to make connections, small language for small talk and charming language for boring meetings, short language for long phone calls, and friendly language for emails that should have never been sent.

The shock of the first few days is long gone, and of course I know this is not specific to Europe and the US, but I am still amazed about how big of a role language – something that I just took for granted – plays in everyday design activities.

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